SugarnPower Projects Pvt. Ltd. combines industry specific managerial experience and consulting competence with extensive process technology, practice and know-how of sugar, Power , Pulp & Paper & its allied industries from concept to commissioning .


  • Raw sugar, Plantations white sugar &Refined Sugar- Adoptions of suitable process for sugar productions –meeting quality requirements of all products as per respective international standards.
  • Assisting Clients in optimizations & prioritization of capex planning seasons &off seasons.
  • Optimizations of efficiencies from cane handling to packing.
  • Balancing, Modernization, Rehabilitation and Expansion of Existing Sugar Factories
  • De-bottlenecking of plants & process.
  • Process Automation in Sugar Plant
  • Steam consumptions <36% on cane with process steam minimizations by adoptions of latest economy measures & equipment’s.
  • Minimizations of sugar losses.
  • Value Engineering.

Power Energy Conservations

  • Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Services
  • Project Planning , Execution and Commissioning Services
  • Power Plant Electrical System & Grid Synchronization
  • Steam Generators with Auxiliaries
  • Turbo-Generators and Auxiliaries along with Evacuation System
  • Power Plant Automation.
  • Fuel and Ash Handling System.
  • Selection & Sizing of Equipment’s.
  • Thermodynamic Heat Cycle Design for Bio-mass Cogeneration
  • Energy Audit of Plant.

Sugar Distillery & Refinery plants

  • Concept to commissioning of standalone for Distilleries & Refineries
  • Providing design consultation services of Balance of Plants (BOP) including Firefighting systems, ancillaries, etc for sugar Refinery & Distillery plants.

Pollutions control systems

  • Providing consultation services by providing best feasible solutions against Pollutions generated from sugar & its allied industries which includes Air Pollutions equipment’s & Water Treatment technologies.

Services we Offer

Feasibility and Detailed Project Reports for sugar , alcohol & by-products industry :

  • Engineering to determine duty specifications for equipment suppliers.
  • Technology selection for the Sugar Factory and due diligence visits to the reference plants of the potential suppliers.
  • Follow up with the financial consultant and assisting in preparing the bankable feasibility/financial model and preparing a business plan.
  • Provide assistance in finalizing plant layouts, General Arrangement drawings and compilation of basic engineering data.
  • Comprehensive Study of Local Conditions covering cane development, sugar production and sales networking.
  • Sensitivity Analysis and R.O.I Studies.
  • SWOT analysis included in the feasibility studies.

Project Management & Project Engineering:

  • Preparing master factory plans in line with site topography & ground conditions.
  • Drawing specifications & scope as per project requirements.
  • Utilities - power, water, effluent treatment plants, water treatment plants ,DM plants.
  • Provide assistance in finalizing plant layouts, overall site General Arrangement  (GA) drawing and compilation of basic engineering data to facilitate detailed engineering of the project.
  • Develop a procurement philosophy for the project package.
  • Expertise and facilities exist in terms of trained & experience technical manpower and the latest software like AutoCAD, Pro –E, CATIA, Bricscadd  and STADD.
  • Foundation & structural designing for sugar ,power & allied industry projects.
  • Detailed study and preparation of monthly progress reports in MS project.
  • This includes, master project plans, work package plans, coordination plans, manufacturing plans & quality assurance plans.
  • Attending Kick-off meetings with client and main equipment suppliers in a lead role & co-ordinate periodic project review meetings with suppliers, site team, client & sub-contractors.
  • Approval of price breakup, monitoring contractual performances and evaluating contractor’s claims or variations, wherever applicable.
  • A time management system to track the project progress vs a baseline schedule.

Procurement Services:

  • Develop a procurement philosophy for work package.
  • Prepare tender document, tender queries, tender adjudication & commercial negotiations with suppliers
  • Appraisal & evaluation of prospective suppliers.

Quality management , Expediting & Inspection :

  • Design reviews & approvals of major drawings, quality control visits during the manufacturing, including signing off of equipment prior to shipping.
  • Approval of QAP’s.
  • Submission of inspection reports (periodical & pre-dispatch) to the client.
  • Quality checks during stage-wise inspection and also at the site before erection.
  • Ensuring sequential dispatches by suppliers with respect to construction activities.

Construction management, Supervision, Erection & Commissioning:

  • Provide supervisory services for monitoring construction activities of the contractor.
  • Prepare plans to synergize the construction activities with equipment supply schedules.
  • Commissioning Services & providing expertise to achieve desired results from P&M.
  • Performance Testing Services

Process optimization for different product mix:

  • Raw sugar , plantation white sugar & refined sugar
  • Adoption of suitable process for sugar production
  • Meeting quality requirements of all products as per respective standards & bench marks.

Factory operations:

  • Selection of proper process for the product mix as per requirements of the client/project.
  • Optimisation of efficiencies from raw material to packing and from power production to distribution.
  • Automation of plants & process including power, distillery & pulp/paper units.
  • De-bottlenecking of plant and process including power, distillery & pulp/paper units.
  • Steam consumption < 38% on cane with process steam minimisation by adoption of latest economy measures and equipments.
  • Plant balancing, modernization, refurbishment & rehabilitation of power, sugar & by-product industries.
  • Minimisation of power consumption & utilization of saved power for supply to grid / by-products processing / irrigation in captive plantations.
  • Minimisation of sugar losses.
  • Minimisation of downtime by adoption of different maintenance techniques in off –season and pro-active & preventive maintenance during season.
  • Man power planning / training of personnel as per skill requirements.
  • Value Engineering.

Overhauling & maintenance:

  • Overhauling & maintenance of plant during shutdown.
  • Solving problems faced during factory operations.
  • Establishing Technical and Operational (O&M) systems for Sugar, Co-generation and Distillery units.
  • Efficiency improvement of old and sick Sugar Mills through O&M services.
  • Skills development and manpower training for Sugar complexes covering Sugar, Co-generation and Alcohol production.
  • Developing management systems for efficient business operations.



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